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Value to the Nation: Capital Stock Fast Facts

The current USACE Capital Stock incudes all water resources infrastructure built by USACE from 1928 to 2023. This infrastructure includes dams, levees, harbors and waterway improvements, locks, channels, hydroelectric generating works, and recreation facilities. The portfolio of infrastructure projects provides an annual stream of benefits to the nation in the form of transportation costs savings, flood damages prevented, electric power production, water supply storage, recreation, and ecosystem restoration that contribute to national economic prosperity; global competitiveness; and the health, safety, and quality of life of our citizens.

Each year, Federal investments in infrastructure are made that increase capital stock value while the effects of wear and tear, deterioration, and retirements decrease its value. The capital stock value at any point in time determines the USACE capacity to produce services for the nation. It is important to monitor the trend in capital stock value as it will ultimately impact the USACE ability to produce services and benefits in the future. Understanding the USACE capital stock value can also help inform the review and evaluation of requirements for operations and maintenance (O&M) and new investments.

Graphic of USACE Capital Stock Value, 1928-2023

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