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Water Supply: Water Supply Workshop 2011

A water supply workshop held in Savannah, GA on 31 May through 2 June, 2011 and was attended by 52 people representing USACE Headquarters (HQUSACE), six MSC's, 19 districts, IWR as well as 3 from the non-Federal sector.

The workshop was a forum for participants to raise questions, share experiences, present their water supply management approaches, and increase their knowledge of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers municipal and industrial water supply program and policies.

Following an introduction to the conference 17 presenters covered such topics as:

  • Water supply policy
  • Pricing
  • Guidance
  • Data base and business line status
  • Processing of reallocation studies
  • The water supply module of OMBIL
  • The water supply PCX
  • Water accounting methodologies
  • Dam safety impacts on reallocations
  • Sedimentation projections
  • Case study issues in Colorado and the Ohio River
  • Local permitting and reallocation issues
  • Issues surrounding the Chatfield, CO reallocation


Water Supply Policy, Pricing & Guidance
Steve Cone (pdf, 714 KB)

The Corps of Engineers Water Supply Program
Steve Cone (pdf, 540 KB)

Water Supply Business Line and Database
Ted Hillyer (pdf, 2.21 MB)

Funding of Water Supply Reallocation Studies
Ted Hillyer (pdf, 1.40 MB)

Water Supply Module of OMBIL
Maggie Moses (pdf, 2.65 MB)

Dam Safety and Pool Restrictions
Charles Pearre (pdf, 1.97 MB)

Local Sponsor at the Chatfield, Colorado Reallocation
Rick McCloud (pdf, 6.56 MB)

Chatfield Reservoir Water Supply Reallocation Project
Eric Laux (pdf, 10.89 MB)

Environmental Impacts Assessment
Garrison Dam/Lake Sakakawea, ND

Eric Laux (pdf, 5.21 MB)

Ohio River Navigation System as a Source of M&I Water Supply
Bill Frechione (pdf, 163 KB)

Water Supply in the Cumberland River Basin
Ben Rohrbach (pdf, 1.33 MB)

Innovative Surplus Water Solutions on the Missouri River with Lessons Learned
Tiffany Vanosdall (pdf, 11.45 MB)

Yield Analysis from R&D Efforts
Beth Faber (pdf, 7.41 MB)

Yield Analysis HEC-ResSim
Fauwaz Hanball (pdf, 3.59 MB)

SWD Water Supply
Jerry Cotter (pdf, 3.47 MB)

RiverWare Program: Modeling Rivers, Reservoirs, Hydropower, Regulation, Consumptive Use, Water Allocation, Water Accounting, Flood Management, Yield Studies, Operations, Forecasting, Planning under Uncertainty
Edith Zagona (pdf, 2.22 MB)

2011 IWR Water Supply Workshop

Brad Hudgens (pdf, 4.20 MB)

Recent Yield Analysis for Federal Reservoirs in the ACT and ACF Basins
James Hathorn

Temporary Use of Sediment Pool for Emergency Water Supply at Falls Lake
Michael Young (pdf, 1.77 MB)

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