Historical Vignettes


Maass-White Visiting Scholar Program (2000s)

Since its earliest days, IWR has recognized the value of intellectual exchanges between academia, private industry and government agencies. In the 21st century, the Institute sought to promote these exchanges on a regularized basis. In 2001, therefore, IWR established the Maass-White Visiting Scholar Program, which honors the founders of modern water resources practices, Drs. Arthur Maass and Gilbert F. White.

The first Maass-White fellow was Dr. Daniel (Pete) Loucks, a professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. While at IWR Dr. Loucks worked on Great Lakes management issues, Everglades restoration, and helping to chart future directions for IWR and the Civil Works program. His tenure was followed by that of Dr. Peter Rogers, 2003 – 2004; Dr. Leonard Shabman, 2004 – 2006; Dr. Gerald E. Galloway Jr., 2006 – 2007; Dr. Yacov Haimes, 2007 – 2008; and Dr. Kenneth Strzepek, 2009 – 2010. These scholars focused on a multitude of topics including governance issues, water resources planning and policy analysis, risk analysis and climate change adaptation.

The Maass-White Visiting Scholar Program continues to support scholars whose work contributes to innovations in water resources policy research and analysis. Together with IWR’s additional visiting scholar programs, it maintains IWR’s commitment to ground-breaking research and advancing the science of water resources management.

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