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Flood Damage Data Collection Program

The purpose of the Flood Damage Data Collection Program was created to provide economists, planners and other analysts with tools to more accurately and efficiently estimate the economic impacts of flooding by collecting primary data, providing analysis, and supplying analytical tools as determined by soliciting information from USACE economists. The program is designed to compile generic damage relationships, estimation models, and data collection tools for organizing floodplain inventory data.

This program will enable USACE districts and communities applying for FEMA Hazard Mitigation grants to more accurately and efficiently estimate the economic consequences of flooding. Field analysts will not have to collect their own basic data, make their own detailed analyses of damage relationships, or invent their own tools for collecting and managing data.

Program accomplishments include the design, testing and release of updated OMB-approved questionnaires for flood damage surveys, the release of a floodplain inventory tool, and the collection of data and development of a model for estimating damages to roads.