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Value to the Nation: National Historic Fast Facts

On a national level, the Value to the Nation program calculates, by USACE program, estimates of the annual National Economic Development (NED) benefits of USACE infrastructure to the nation, net NED benefits, and impacts to the U.S. Treasury from project outputs and related economic activities associated with USACE Civil Works programs. Detailed descriptions of the methodologies used to calculate NED benefits for each business line are provided NED benefits for each business line are provided on the Computations and Sources page.

National Historic Fast Facts Reports

National Historic Fast Facts Reports are available from the USACE Digital Library collections:

How these numbers were calculated.

Benefits in Perspective

Net NED benefits are calculated as the NED benefits minus the costs of operations, maintenance, and investigations. Those costs are based on the President’s Budget for USACE. Monetary values in the national historic fast facts tables reflect FY 2016 price levels and are considered to be order of magnitude numbers.

Graphic of Value to the Nation business line topics