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Value to the Nation: Recreation Fast Facts

VTN Fast Facts mapNatural and recreational resources at the more than 400 USACE lake and river projects provide social, economic and environmental benefits for all Americans. The Recreation Fast Facts reports highlight some of the benefits related to USACE's role in managing natural and recreational resources in the U.S. 

The latest Recreation Fast Facts data available is for 2021. Reports can be selected by national, state and lake, watershed, USACE Division, or USACE District level.

Recreation Fast Facts Reports

Select 2021 Recreation Fast Facts Reports from the USACE Digital Library collections:

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For a list of everything in a collection, for example, for the state of Alaska, select "Alaska State and Lake Reports". For all reports in the USACE District report collection, select "All District Reports".

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Recreation Benefits in Perspective

Did you know:

  • By providing opportunities for active recreation, USACE lake and river projects help combat one of the most significant of the nation's health problems: lack of physical activity.
  • Recreational programs and activities at USACE lake and river projects also help strengthen family ties and friendships; provide opportunities for children to develop personal skills, social values, and self-esteem; and increase water safety.
  • The money spent by visitors to USACE lake and river projects on trip expenses adds to the local and national economies by supporting jobs and generating income. Visitor spending represents a sizable component of the economy in many communities around USACE lake and river projects.
  • Recreation experiences increase motivation to learn more about the environment; understanding and awareness of environmental issues; and sensitivity to the environment.
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