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Value to the Nation: Flood Risk Management

Every year floods sweep through communities across the Unites States taking lives, destroying property, shutting down businesses, harming the environment and causing millions of dollars in damages. It is impossible to prevent all floods, but it is possible to prevent some and to limit the impact of those that do occur.

One of the primary missions of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is flood risk management. Through effective planning, forecasting and preparation USACE is working to help communities prevent floods where possible and significantly reduce the loss of lives and the economic and environmental impact when they do occur. USACE also is involved in flood emergency response efforts.

For more information see the Flood Risk Management Fast Facts.

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Flood Risk Management reduces the risk of damage and loss of life due to flooding and coastal storms. However, risk can never be completely eliminated. Substantial flood damage still occurs and lives are still at risk from flooding. Read more…

 Economic Impact

Some of the most valuable real estate in the nation is located in areas that have a high risk of flooding. Many industrial facilities are built near rivers and coastal communities are highly desirable as residential locations and tourist destinations and offer many recreational activities. USACE Flood Risk Management efforts reduce the risk of flood damage to these facilities and homes as well as to vital infrastructure such as energy grids and transportation networks. Read more…

 Environmental Benefits

USACE flood risk management and emergency response efforts help to limit the level of environmental damage caused nationwide by floods. Read more…

 Other Flood Damage Reduction Web Sites

In the United States, the responsibility for managing flood risks is shared across the Federal, state and local levels of government and the private sector. In the absence of continuous collaboration, conflicting policies, programs and interests from multiple layers of government can work at cross purposes and undermine efforts to improve flood risk management nationwide. Read more…


Floods can't always be prevented so a key part of USACE efforts focuses on helping communities prepare in case a flood does occur. USACE helps put in place measures designed to reduce risks from flood hazards to people and their homes and businesses. We also provide people who live and work in floodplains with the information they need to know about flood hazards and the actions that they can take to reduce property damage and to prevent the loss of life caused by flooding. Read more…

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