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Recreation: Environmental Benefits

The 1,900 managers of USACE lake and river projects work hard to keep their facilities clean, fresh and inviting. Their environmental efforts, though, go much further than picking up trash and providing zoning permits.

Protecting the Environment

The ecological diversity of USACE lake and river projects and parks is amazing. They are home to scores of threatened or endangered species. To successfully manage these diverse resources USACE:

  • Develops close working partnerships with federal, state and private natural resource organizations.
  • Works to help implement the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative, which aims to implement a 21st Century conservation and recreation agenda based on ideas generated at 51 “listening sessions” with citizens around the country.
  • Assists state agencies that enforce hunting and fishing regulations.
  • Cooperates with The Nature Conservancy in designating "natural areas" that have unique ecological features and scenic beauty.

Appreciating the Environment

USACE works hard to encourage Americans to become active stewards of the environment by:

  • Providing education programs on the importance of environmental conservation.
  • Hosting school groups onsite for nature walks and traveling to nearby schools and community centers to present educational programs on recycling and other topics, making more than 2.5 million environmental education contacts every year.
  • Working with Tread Lightly!, an organization which teaches visitors to minimize their impact on the environment as they enjoy the outdoors.
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