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When you arrive at a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) lake or river project, your eye might first be drawn to a wide stretch of beautiful water, forest, or grass. Then you notice people swimming, bird watching, sailing or fishing. You begin to understand why USACE, with its more than 400 lake and river projects across the country and dozens of activities, is the foremost federal provider of outdoor recreation facilities and why one in ten Americans visit USACE lake and river projects, for a total of about 260 million visits per year.

USACE lake and river projects serve as community gathering areas for leisure and family time. Drawn by the water, these recreation areas lure people from miles around and strengthen social connections through healthy, active outdoor fun.

People come together to participate in their favorite sports and hobbies and get much-needed fresh air and exercise. Boaters keep their boats at the same marinas year after year so they can meet up with old friends and new. Thousands of people converge for special events such as Fourth of July fireworks, arts festivals and other activities.

USACE provides thousands of opportunities to while away a day, week or month. Visitors to USACE lake and river projects value the proximity to their homes (90% of USACE lake and river projects are within 50 miles of a major city), the good value, the clean facilities, and the bike trails.

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