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The U.S. Section of the International Joint Commission (IJC) and IWR have signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to facilitate financing by the IJC of the execution of certain activities for the Upper Great Lakes Study.

About the Memorandum of Agreement

Signed: May 22, 2006

Signing Parties:

  • Elizabeth C. Bourget, Secretary, U.S. Section (IJC)
  • Robert A. Pietrowsky, Director (IWR)

Purpose: This agreement establishes a framework to provide the financing of studies and activities relating to the International Upper Great Lakes Study Board. The Study Board is a key component of the broader effort to study the Upper Great Lakes.

Terms: The IJC will transfer funds to IWR to be used for:

  • Salaries of the Study Director and Public Affairs specialist
  • Travel expenses of the Study Board or key personnel involved in organizational planning prior to establishment of the full Study Board
  • Public Interest Advisory Group and Technical Working Group meetings
  • Costs associated with the preparation of technical papers, analytic studies and data collection required for in-depth analyses

About International Joint Commission

The IJC is a joint U.S.-Canadian political body whose members are appointed by the governments of both countries. Its purpose is to help prevent and resolve disputes relating to the use and quality of boundary waters and to advise Canada and the United States on related questions.

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