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Autoridad Maritima Portuaria

Autoridad Maritima Portuaria (AMP) and the U.S. Section of the International Navigation Association (PIANC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to encourage the exchange of technical and practical experience in the development of hemispheric port systems. IWR acts as an agent for U.S. Section, PIANC in implementing portions of this MOU.

About the Memorandum of Understanding

Signed: April 3, 2007

Signing Parties:

  • Mr. Danilo Rodriguez Villamil, President, Board of Directors (AMP)
  • Major General Don T. Riley , President (U.S. Section, PIANC)

Purpose: This MOU establishes a basis for mutual understanding and cooperation between the partners in developing hemispheric port systems and increasing their efficiency.

Terms: The Parties intend to pursue opportunities in:

  • Identifying and disseminating world best practices (guidelines, recommendations, standards) for the sustainable development of navigation in El Salvador
  • Cooperating closely with government agencies and private entities in the execution of sector development programs, projects, technical assistance, and activities in the field of ports, waterways and related subjects
  • Encouraging appropriate technical training and personnel improvements to achieve optimal port performance
About Autoridad Maritima Portuaria

Autoridad Maritima Portuaria is a public organization that works with and through the Organization of American States, InterAmerican Committee on Ports and the American Association of Port Authorities.

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