Planning and Management


Planning Community of Practice Gateway

The purpose of the gateway is to improve the organization of planning resources for the Corps planning community. The site will consolidate important guidance, information, links, and contacts into one website that connects to existing business line gateways. The gateway will contain a planner's library database, searchable functions, links to important planning documents, models, planning centers of expertise, and more. Content needs and design will stem from a workshop that will be held with IWR, ERDC, HQ and field participants. The benefits of the gateway are that planners will be better able to find guidance, documents, examples, contacts, and other resources. This will consolidate resources from multiple web sites into one. This should reduce the amount of time that planners spend looking for various information and fulfill a stated need by the field and headquarters. It should also improve planning in general though a synergistic gateway that is connected to other related gateways.

Planning Community Toolbox Website