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Planning and Management

Economics: Models, Guidance, Tools, and Training 

IWR-APT(Assistance to Planning Teams)

This is a new tool that integrates the planning community subject matter expertise with a new online risk register, decision log, decision management plan, study issue checklist, and deliverables tool.  This tool was previously named IWRM Suite. Please email to learn more.


IWR-Planning Assistance Library

This is a new library that is currently internal for Corps planners.  The library will hold pdfs, powerpoints, videos and more.  Each district can elect a collection admin to manage their items.  There will be a public version coming soon that will feature a mobile friendly design with an advanced geospatial search.  This library will link to IWR-APT and the HECSA Digital Library in the future.  Please email to learn more.

IWR Planning Suite

The IWR Planning Suite is a water resources investment decision support tool originally built for the formulation and evaluation of ecosystem restoration alternative plans; however, it is now more widely used by all USACE business lines for evaluation of actions involving monetary and non-monetary cost and benefits.


Planning Community of Practice Planner's Toolbox


Planning Community of Practice (PCoP) Planner Database

This is an internal tool for finding certified agency technical specialists (ATR) for all of the PCoP.  The database also holds information on planner's skills, experience, training and more.  Please email to learn more.



Simsuite is a user- friendly tool to assist planners and others within the Corps with decision support. It provides on-the-fly data and applications to enable planners.



Social Vulnerability Index-Explorer (SOVI-X)

This software allows users to perform social vulnerability analysis.  Social vulnerability analysis is conducted by overlaying spatial distribution of population characteristics with hazard areas, and tallying populations and subgroups at risk by their sources and relative vulnerabilities.  SOVI-X (Social Vulnerability Index-Explorer) is a graphical user Interface data extraction and formatting framework. An area’s social vulnerability is calculated from US Census Bureau demographic, socioeconomic, and housing unit data, and represents social vulnerability as a single numeric value provided to each census unit. The SoVI value for each census unit is a statistical measurement of its vulnerability in relationship to the average vulnerability of neighboring census units across a broader region (parent area), as expressed by a Z-Score.