Inside the CPCX


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CPCX is located at the Institute for Water Resources in Alexandria, Virginia.

Headquarters (HQ) Support

The Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise (CPCX) works with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) senior staff to influence the use of collaboration to better achieve agency missions. CPCX provides input to USACE guidance, policies, and procedures that relate to collaboration and advise Headquarters on current national and international trends or issues in public participation, conflict resolution, and collaborative governance. CPCX also provides input related to investments in collaboration.

Dam and Levee Safety Program Support

In 2016, Headquarters Dam and Levee Safety leadership established a multidisciplinary team of experts in public engagement, risk communication, and dam and levee safety to support District teams in engaging with stakeholders and communicating risk. This Public Awareness and Communications Team (PACT) is primarily comprised of representatives from CPCX, Public Affairs (PAO), and Dam and Levee Safety. CPCX supports monthly coaching calls on risk communication topics and team-based, hands-on risk communication workshops in districts. More information is available on the internal Communications Resource Library (Corps only).

Examples of Policy Development

Cover of REF 8006G Cover of Engineering Regulation ER 360-1-1-, Public Affairs Cover of Engineering Pamphlet: 1105-2-57: stakeholder engagement, collaboration, and coordination

Project Management Business Process (ER 5-1-11 Reference 8006G), Communications Plan

Engineering Regulation (ER 360-1-1), Public Affairs

Planning Engineering Pamphlet (EP 1105-2-57), Stakeholder Engagement, Collaboration, and Coordination

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