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CPCX is located at the Institute for Water Resources in Alexandria, Virginia.

CPCX Activity Highlights

Collaboration and Public Participation Center of Expertise Highlights:

About the CPCX

On October 17, 2008, the Collaboration and Public Participation Center (CPCX) was named a Corps Center of Expertise (CX) and Directory of Expertise (DX). CPCX is an authoritative source for senior Corps leaders, government agencies, civilian, and international leaders from related industries to study and confer on the tactical application of water resource management and conflict resolution, providing a forum and research facility in response to the needs and concerns mentioned above.  CPCX was a response to the growing need for alternative methods of dispute resolution in the management of our nation’s waters. USACE's recognition of the need for collaboration, partnering, and public participation in water resources decision making has been documented in:

Picture of the CPCX TeamCPCX provides technical assistance to Districts and Divisions on collaborative processes, builds USACE collaborative capacity, publishes reports on environmental conflict resolution and collaborative processes, and manages the USACE’s Collaboration and Public Participation Community of Practice (CPP CoP). CPCX’s work is focused on its four goals of capacity building, direct services, policy support, and innovative processes.

Support to the Field

CPCX is the hub for the USACE field offices to find best practices and liaise with world leaders in their respective disciplines. In addition to creating a directory of internal Corps and external collaboration experts, the CPCX is the lead for USACE’s Memorandum of Understanding with the National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution.

CPCX further provides technical assistance to Districts and Divisions by assisting field offices in specific cases through advice, guidance and support. Training and outreach by the Center includes:

  • Assisting field offices to manage conflicts and productively engage the public
  • Offering training related to collaborative problem solving and effectively involving the public in Corps projects
  • Sponsoring world class experts who write and lecture during their residence at the Center 
  • Ensuring that new tools such as interactive modeling and software for negotiations are effectively integrated into field applications

Support to Headquarters

CPCX provides support to USACE Headquarters in policy development, evaluation and reporting. Examples include:

Advantages to the Corps that CPCX provides include:

  • Promoting integrated solutions through increased participation of citizens and stakeholders in the problem/solution process
  • Implementing more Integrated Water Resource Management solutions at USACE projects, with broader public acceptance
  • Improving the USACE public image through more openness, improved problem solving capabilities, and national recognition of the Corps commitment to participation