Inside the CPCX



Training Corps personnel in the use of collaborative tools and processes is a fundamental goal of the CPCX. Our programs and materials are designed to explain collaborative approaches to conflict resolution—including interactive computer modeling—and help Corps staff implement them effectively.

CPCX updates and improves the content and delivery of USACE conflict resolution and public participation training through:

  • Providing training for District Engineers and Senior Executive Service (SES) members
  • Bringing training to independent Field offices
  • Revising and advising selected Huntsville courses
  • Providing short sessions at Leaderships USACE conferences
  • Representing USACE in appropriate forums as experts on these topics
  • Ensuring that new tools such as interactive modeling and software for negotiations are effectively integrated into field applications

CPCX Training Options

What Participants Say About Our Training

"I cannot think of a single module that I will not employ for the rest of my career, which I find to be a rare quality. I felt like I was out of my comfort zone for majority of the class, which is what I was looking for when I applied for the PA Program."
"This was the best training I’ve ever had that involved group instructors. The presenters and staff that put this class together did a great job."
"Outstanding course. Best PROSPECT course EVER taken. Directly applicable to my job."
"Most classes touch my intellect, and do not provide sustainable praxis. This does both. You pick the superlative and I will agree to it unreservedly. "