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HarborSym is a discrete event Monte-Carlo simulation model designed to facilitate economic analyses of proposed navigation improvement projects in coastal harbors.  The model captures fleet and loading changes, incorporates calculations for both within harbor costs and costs associated with ocean voyage costs.  Integrated into HarborSym, the Bulk Loading Tool, Container Loading Tool, and Combiner are designed to generate synthetic vessel call lists based upon user provided calling statistics. The Combiner can be used to merge the vessel call databases produced by the Bulk Loading Tool and the Container Loading Tool into a single database that can be used by the HarborSym simulator. These tools are collectively called the HarborSym Loading Modules. This feature greatly enhances the HarborSym capabilities by simplifying the process of populating future conditions.

HarborSym was developed by the Institute for Water Resources (IWR) as a planning-level tool for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers planners. The original release of HarborSym, recently certified and referred to as HarborSym Widening, facilitates analyses for channel widening at coastal ports.

The model has since been expanded. The recent release of HarborSym, referred to as HarborSym Deepening, facilitates analyses for channel deepening at coastal ports in addition to all prior capabilities. Most recently, a number of tools, herein referred to as the HarborSym Loading Modules, were added to HarborSym Deepening to assist users in developing data required for a widening and/or deepening project. Specifically, these modules assist users in developing a synthetic vessel call list that satisfies a given commodity forecast for non-containerized and containerized ships respecting depth constraints to docks and channels within the study harbor. This certification document is geared toward the HarborSym Loading Modules.

The latest release of HarborSym, dated October 2013, is currently available for download.

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Please Note: Any previous version of HarborSym on the destination computer must be uninstalled before installing this latest version.

While every effort has been made to produce a tool free of defects, issues and bugs do arise and need to be resolved. If you experience a problem while running this model please contact us to submit your issue.

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