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Flood Risk Communication Toolbox

This toolbox provides resources for communicating with sponsors, stakeholders, and the public about flood risk and flood risk management projects. It features information about the principles and best practices of risk communication, as well as materials that can be distributed directly to the public.

How to Communicate Risk covers how to plan and conduct risk communication, including documents on:

  • Corps guidance and policy,
  • Methods and strategies developed by the Corps,
  • Methods and strategies developed by other organizations, and
  • Peer-reviewed research literature on risk communication and perception



Other Methods and Strategies

Corps Methods and Strategies

Guidance and Policy



Flood Risk Communication Toolbox Resources



Flood Risk Outreach includes materials that can be used directly for risk communication activities and cover a range of technical topics, including:

  • Documents,
  • Fact sheets,
  • Multi-media and websites, and
  • Interactive tools. 


1% ACE Flood

Basic Descriptions of Floods

Levees and Dams

Reducing Risk: Mitigation



Reducing Risk: Preparedness

Flood Risk Communication Toolbox Resources



Case Studies and Testimonials provides examples of successful risk communication around the U.S.


Case Studies and Testimonials

Flood Risk Communication Toolbox Resources