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Shared Vision Planning

February 14, 2008

Director of Civil Works Encourages Widespread Adoption of Collaborative Planning Methods

Continuing to fulfill the Corps commitment to collaborative planning, the USACE Director of Civil Works, MG Don T. Riley, sent a new directive to Corps field commanders which emphasized the use of environmental conflict resolution, partnering and Shared Vision Planning (SVP) in Civil Works programs and projects. Riley stated that "In successful applications SVP can create a collaborative planning environment which fosters the stakeholders' understanding of the technical and policy implications of alternative courses of action, while at the same time allowing participants to build trust in both the technical information and each other."

This directive promoted the implementation of collaborative tools and processes as a means to better confront today's water management issues. As an adaptation of the traditional Corps planning process that also includes open public participation and a collaborative approach to technical systems modeling, SVP is a planning method that is uniquely suited to meet the challenges of increasingly complex water resource problems.

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Collaborative Planning Directive  (pdf, 456 KB)