Shared Vision Planning


Tools and Techniques

A number of tools and techniques facilitate the implementation of the Shared Vision Planning approach. Specific steps must be taken to effectively incorporate the interests of many stakeholders and collaboratively find solutions to planning issues.

The Shared Vision Planning method involves seven steps that allow various stakeholders to create, evaluate and implement plans for natural resource management. This method can be used by anyone looking to enact a collaborative planning approach. Learn about the Shared Vision Planning method and try a step-by-step demonstration.

Shared Vision models are the critical tools that support the Shared Vision Planning method. Among them are collaboratively built computer models that are designed to be user-friendly and adjustable to a particular planning situation. The models help stakeholders to evaluate information about a natural resource system and test potential management plans, thereby increasing the chances of finding a solution acceptable to all stakeholders. Find out more about how Shared Vision models contribute to collaborative planning.