Shared Vision Planning


Shared Vision Planning Models

Shared vision models are computer simulation models of natural resource systems that are built and used by all stakeholders. Technical analysts assist stakeholders in building the models, but stakeholders themselves can manipulate and evaluate the information. These models provide the technical rigor necessary in a successful planning process for identifying alternatives and tradeoffs in a manner where stakeholders without modeling experience can actively participate in the modeling process.

Important Considerations for Shared Vision Models

When formulating a shared vision model, participants must ask themselves two questions:

  1. Who will use the model?
  2. How will the model be used?

The answers to these questions can help prevent the model from becoming cluttered with excess information, which keeps stakeholders from being able to understand the system and the factors that influence it. Shared vision models must strike a balance between modeling enough information to be relevant and trustworthy representations of the system and stakeholder concerns versus modeling the system in such detail that no one but professional modelers can understand the model. 

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Shared Vision Model Software

The right type of software is essential to an acceptable shared vision model. The genre of computer simulation software used for these exercises is object-oriented simulation software. The two keys to this type of software are:

  1. The use of graphical illustrations instead of complex code
  2. The transparent rendering of mathematical relationships

These factors facilitate the user-friendly environment that is crucial to building stakeholder trust in the model. Specific software packages that can be used for shared vision models at this time are STELLA®, Powersim® and Microsoft Excel®. Learn more about Object-Oriented Simulation Software for Shared Vision Planning.

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