Shared Vision Planning



This web site includes many resources for those seeking to learn about Shared Vision Planning. The written materials available here cover the background and concepts of Shared Vision Planning, the process of using this approach and shared vision models, and examples of Shared Vision Planning in real-world situations.

  • Shared Vision Planning References includes papers, primers and other helpful materials about Shared Vision Planning.
  • Case Studies show how the Shared Vision Planning process has been implemented in actual resource management situations. Also available are the Drought Preparedness Case Studies supporting the National Drought Study.
  • Tips and Checklists and a discussion of risks and uncertainties are available to assist you in your planning.
  • A History of Shared Vision Planning shares its history and evolution to the present day.
  • The Literature Review provides a thorough bibliography of references pertaining to collaborative planning.

These resources can help you understand the Shared Vision Planning approach and put it into practice successfully.