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Dynamic Sustainability: Maryland's Atlantic Coast

Ocean City and Assateague Island

Dynamic Sustainability: Shoreline Management on Maryland's Atlantic Coast

Barrier islands on the Atlantic coast have been important locations for shipping, immigration, and navigation since the settlement of the United States. They are also very dynamic landforms that change constantly. Maintaining barriers for human use has been an important coastal management strategy for many years.

Erosion was identified as a significant problem along the coasts of New Jersey and New York in the early 20th century. The Corps has been involved in erosion mitigation as well as navigation facilitation along Atlantic barriers since that time.

The experiences of Atlantic barrier islands have influenced and informed the Corps' approaches to coastal management and sediment management.


Beach Erosion Board

The Corps founded the Beach Erosion Board in 1930 to study erosion and the science of coastal protection, largely because of storm damage and erosion along the Atlantic coast.