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Non-USACE Courses

Environmental Conflict Resolution - Open Training and Certificate Program
John S. McCain III National Center for Environmental Conflict Resolution (formerly U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution)

2-3 day in-person trainings for federal agencies. Courses include:

  • Collaboration in NEPA – This 2 day training teaches participants how to assess and plan for successful collaboration in the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) processes using appropriate tools, techniques, and best practices. 
  • Collaboration with Native Nations and Tribal Consultation – This training will foster greater understanding of the many facets of government-to-government consulting. 
  • Crafting Collaborative Solutions to Environmental Conflicts – This 3 day, interactive training will help participants refine their understanding of environmental collaboration and conflict resolution, with a focus on designing collaborative processes. 
  • Understanding Conflict and Planning for Successful Collaboration – Participants in this 2 day course will develop an understanding of the many facets of environmental collaboration and conflict resolution.
Certificate in Risk Assessment and Management
Notre Dame of Maryland University

This course is specifically tailored to USACE and is offered annually online. The certificate program is grounded in the global experience and knowledge of risk analysts and experts in their fields, will help you learn the qualitative and quantitative risk assessment techniques that focus on dealing effectively with the uncertainty you encounter in your professional life, and includes content on Risk Communication.

International Association for Public Participation

Courses include:

  • Foundations in Public Participation – A week-long certification course on the fundamentals and best practices on public participation. This course will leave you with an understanding of why public participation is critical to what we do, and strategies and tools for designing and implementing it.
  • Strategies for Dealing with Opposition and Outrage in Public Participation – This course focuses on managing situations when emotions are high and will leave you with tools for understanding why as well as response strategies. Relevant for those who communicate risk or have controversial projects.
Leadership Strategies

World-class training, both in-person and virtual, as well as Master Facilitators available to support your projects. Please contact CPCX if you are interested in one of these courses for a group. Sample courses include:

  • The Effective Facilitator – This  4 day course covers the 10 principles of facilitation, 100 techniques, and 6 exercises culminating in a videotaped practice session.
  • The Engaging Trainer – This 3 day course is intended to equip trainers with a full toolbox of strategies for engaging participants in dynamic and interactive training segments.
Netspeed Learning

Experts in Virtual Training and Facilitation for 20 years who provide interactive training courses that bring you the skills and confidence to employ the lessons learned.  Sample courses include:

  • Virtual Leader:  Managing and Motivating Virtual Teams
  • Virtual Facilitator