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Container Model Suite of Tools (CMST)

The Container Model Suite of Tools (CMST) is a set of desktop programs and associated databases developed by IWR and designed to assist Corps planners and analysts working on port studies. The CMST is used to measures the economic effects of modifications to deep draft harbors as overall reductions in transit times and associated changes in total vessel operating costs. The CMST was developed under the “glass-box” software design philosophy, which is to have an independently peer reviewed computational kernel that through the use of a graphical user interface (GUI) allows stakeholders to “see” the data, simulation and results. The CMST allows users, stakeholders, reviewers and other interested parties to examine the data used in the analysis. The independently reviewed computational kernel assures each study follows the planning guidance in a consistent manner. The Container Model Suite of Tools has been nationally certified.

The suite consists of the following tools:

1. HarborSym is a planning-level tool used to facilitate economic analyses of proposed navigation improvement projects in coastal harbors.

2. The IWR Tide Tool provides simple access to information on astronomical tides at tidal stations around the world using a Google Earth (TM) interface.

3. The A-DAPP (Automated Information System Data Analyzer and Pre-Processor) provides analysis of trade routes and vessel statistics at a port for container vessels, based on detailed vessel movement data for container vessels.

4. The W-DAPP (Waterborne Data Analyzer and Pre-Processor) provides planners with direct access to Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center (WCSC) data for a particular port and processes it for use by the HarborSym model.

5. The Loading Tools, integrated into the HarborSym model, support the generation of consistent vessel call lists for use by HarborSym for the analysis of future conditions, for both bulk and container traffic.

These tools can be complicated (especially HarborSym). Some require detailed user‐provided data and assumptions. Attending a training class can provide users with a more thorough understanding of the workflow, model capabilities and data requirements. In the absence of an instructor‐led session, user guides and/or training materials are available for download on the HarborSym web page. The training materials are composed of a series of software exercises that walk the user through the required steps to create a study network, populate data, run a simulation and analyze outputs.

A guide to the Use of Container Model Suite of Tools with HarborSym Deepening (pdf, 3.9MB) is available.

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