Inside the IWUB


List of Presentations at Inland Waterways Users Board Meeting #86

Chattanooga, Tennessee on  March 1, 2018


FY 2018 Funding During Continuing Resolution and FY 2019 President's Budget

Mr. Mark Pointon - USACE Institute for Water Resources


Financial Report and Project Summaries

Mr. Joseph Aldridge - USACE Headquarters


Chickamauga Lock Replacement Project Brief

Mr. Adam Walker - USACE Nashville District


Olmsted Locks and Dam Project Update

Mr. Dewey Rissler - USACE Louisville District


Kentucky Lock Project Update

Mr. Don Getty - USACE Nashville District


Lower Monongahela River Locks and Dams 2, 3, and 4 Project Update

Mr. Stephen Fritz - USACE Pittsburgh District


Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Lock Replacement Project Update

Mr. Sean Mickal - USACE New Orleans District