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Webinar Series: Flood Risk Communication

Watch this space for new webinars in our Flood Risk Communication Webinar Series.

Creating Shared Responsibility: Talking about Flood Risk in Manhattan, KS
Brian Rast, USACE NWK; Seth Cohen, USACE IWR CPCX
March 23, 2015

Creating Shared Responsibility presentation thumbnail

Public Alerts and Warnings for Dam and Levee Safety Emergencies: What Really Matters?
Jason Needham, USACE RMC
February 23, 2015

Public Alerts and Warnings presentation thumbnail

Can a Realistic Interactive Visualization Model Communicate Flood Risk More Effectively?
Dr. V. Beth K. Olsen, University of Maryland
December 15, 2014

Realistic Interactive Visualization presentation thumbnail

From Flood Damage Reduction to Flood Risk Management Implications for USACE Policy and Programs
Dr. Len Shabman, RFF; Paul Scodari, USACE IWR
October 22, 2014

Flood Damage Reduction presentation thumbnail

Boosting Local Preparedness – Stories from the Georgia Hurricane Evacuation Study and the Northwest Flood Fighting Workshops
Jeff Morris, USACE SAS; Maria Lantz, USACE IWR; Les Miller, USACE NWP
September 24, 2014

Boosting Local Preparedness presentation thumbnail

DSAC I, 100-Year Floods and Other Myths
Charlie Yoe, Notre Dame of Maryland University
August 27, 2014

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National Flood Risk Awareness Survey 2013 Results
Dr. Melanie Goodrich, Booz-Allen Hamilton; Angela Bidnick, Booz-Allen Hamilton
July 23, 2014

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