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  • January

    Join us as the new Chief Admin Officer, GS 12/13, in Davis, California!

    As the Chief Administrative Officer (Series 0343), you'll play a crucial role in providing strategic support to the Hydrologic Engineer Center and overseeing the administrative functions of our dynamic organization. Responsibilities include managing human resources, advising on policies, serving as the Chief Financial Officer, and ensuring compliance in financial matters. You'll also take charge of facility management, safety, and security, contributing to the smooth operation of our center. If you're ready to take on a leadership role in a cutting-edge environment, apply now to be a key player in shaping the future of water resources engineering!
  • Sunny California is calling all Civil Engineer Leaders!

    Serve as the Director of the world class, Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC)! Lead the nation in hydrologic engineering, real-time water management, and water resources planning analysis. Be the change in fabulous Davis, California! Did we mention the staff here are amazing too?!
  • November

    Economic Ingenuity and Experience Wanted!

    The Institute for Water Resources (IWR) is seeking an experienced water resources economist (GS-12/13) to provide forward-looking analysis, cutting-edge methodologies, and innovative tools to aid USACE’s Civil Works program.