Shared Vision Planning


Western States Water Council Long-Term Planning

This project addresses regional water issues in the West, and it focuses on collaborative, long-term planning. IWR will provide a 2-day training and information-gathering workshop for local, state, federal and WGA/WSWC staff. Based on information received from participants at the training workshop, IWR will develop a basic water balance framework demonstration model (using STELLA or Excel) for selected promising basins. IWR will also facilitate the development of a strategic plan for a future activity that would collaboratively combine state water plans into a West-wide water plan.

Key Features

  • Large scale
  • Integration of state water plans
  • Low level of model sophistication
  • Extensive training
  • Broad outreach
  • Fostering development of Shared Vision Planning Workbook

Partners: SPD; SWD; USACE NWD; Western States Water Council; WGA;


This project aims to include a large number of stakeholders and assist the merging of water-management plans between many states, thereby improving water management throughout the West. The future collaborative plan can then assist stakeholders in agreeing upon investment priorities in regional infrastructure and other water resource activities.