Shared Vision Planning


Collaborative Modeling Online Course Module

This module was part of a graduate class for the University of Arizona. People are welcome to use or revise for use in their class.

This model, and later versions, were used in an actual study where the International Joint Commission used the Shared Vision Planning to determine the operation of Lake Ontario.

Objectives of this model
  • Understand what Decision Support Systems are and how they can be used
  • Define collaborative modeling (Shared Vision Planning) and when and how it can be applied
  • Provide an example of how Shared Vision Planning has been used in a specific context
  • Use a data set and model to test alternative options given a set of objectives
  • Work with your classmates to share model findings and work toward a solution
  • Role play activity using Lake Ontario model
  • This roadmap will guide you through the Lake Ontario model. (pdf, 84 KB)
  • From the perspective of a specific interest, work through the model looking at the impacts of different alternatives on criteria of interests to your role
  • Pick a different interest and analyze the effects of alternatives on criteria that matter to your new interest.
  • Consider how to use what you learned about impacts on different interests to arrive at a solution.