Shared Vision Planning


SVP Method - Step 2

Develop Objectives and Metrics for Evaluation

A planning objective is a concise, formally structured statement that explains how and when a study will try to affect a specific resource in a specific place. These objectives should be as clear as possible. The study group should also develop statistical measurements of the performance of the resource system, such as the frequency and duration of supply failures.

Critical Differences:  SVP puts explicit and repeated emphasis on identifying objectives and decision criteria because they may differ considerably from the national objectives and metrics used in the P&G.

Example from the National Drought Study

In the NDS, very specific objectives were developed to keep the planning process focused. The following are examples of two specific objectives from the Kanawha River Basin Drought Preparedness Study:

  • Problem: During a drought, whitewater rafting on the Gauley River is restricted.
  • Planning Objective: Increase the reliability and value of the Gauley River whitewater rafting experience during drought conditions.
  • Problem: During a drought, Corps reservoirs are drawn down to meet downstream water needs. In-lake recreation suffers when drawdown is significant.
  • Planning Objective: Increase reliability of the recreational opportunities on lakes in the Kanawha River basin during drought.

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