Shared Vision Planning


SVP Method - Step 6

Implement and Institutionalize the Plan

Agency heads and possibly elected officials must agree in writing to act in accordance with the recommended plan.

Critical Difference:  The P&G ends with the ranking of alternatives based on the decision criterion for Federal projects, then a local decision to build that project or send a recommendation to build to the President and Congress.  In SVP, the SVPM shapes and is shaped by the process of collaboratively ranking alternatives in a process similar to the “informed consent” process used by doctors. Once a collaborative decision is made, it is implemented by the decision makers identified in Step 1.

Example from the National Drought Study

During the Kanawha River DPS, the plan selection workshop allowed stakeholders to use the SVPM and debate the impact of the alternatives upon the objectives. This helped stakeholders to choose widely acceptable alternatives and recommend those changes to decision-makers.

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