Shared Vision Planning


Fairweather Demo - Step 4: Shared Vision Models


We have been developing a clear statement of planning problems, objectives, and constraints. Fairweather has also hired private consultants to facilitate simulation development. As a starting point, the consultants have developed a simple model, which incorporates the system’s physical features and some management policies. We now turn our focus on the importance of developing a model that represents a Shared Vision of managers and stakeholders. This implies that the model should be clear, understandable, and capable of evaluating alternatives that are useful.

Problem Approach

Because the concept of shared vision is new; your group should discuss its merits and limitations. Shared vision planning was designed to be used when part of the conflict about how to manage water resources was caused by disagreements about how alternative management strategies would affect stakeholders.  This is the case in Fairweather; (describe conflict). 

A simple, fundamental question is: Will Shared Vision Models really improve the  quality of water resources planning (where quality is judged in the cost of the process, the appropriateness of the planning recommendations, and the likelihood of successful implementation)? How do you effectively implement the goal of a Shared Vision Model?

Within your group, critically assess the notion of shared vision. Is it really a concept which you feel has  merit, or does it place effort in areas for which the pay-off is small? Determine the group’s collective opinion of the concept of the Shared Vision Models and jointly establish modeling objectives. Describe how the Shared Vision model will be developed,who will use it, and how it will be used in the planning process.

There are often existing simulation models of the water system.  Why not use these models?  Review the existing simulation model in consideration of these modeling objectives. Produce a written critique of the model on the basis of its content, clarity, validity and usefulness. If the study team elects to use shared vision planning, then they must confront two key questions before they begin development of the shared vision model:

Who will use the model? 

How will the model be used? 

There will be other questions, too.  Who will really build the model? How much must everyone understand? Are we expecting too much of participants and stakeholders?  

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