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  • Building Strong Connections (P.1)
  • Welcome to the new Hawaii Silver Jackets Team (P.4)
  • Inundation mapping and structural damage assessment in Illinois (P.6)
  • FEMA Region 8 completes first artworks pilot project: 'Community Forms' (P.8)
  • San Diego tabletop exercise (P.9)
  • Sacramento District employees receive Programmatic Planning Team of the Year awards (P.11)
  • FEMA launches full application of National Risk Index (P.13)
  • Launch of the National Levee Safety Program (P.14)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets table (P.16)
  • Bulletin Board (P.17)
  • Upcoming Events (P.19)

Vol 2 No 2: August 2021

  • A partnership success story (P.1)
  • Sacramento District Silver Jackets Interagency Tribal Workshop team recipient of South Pacific Division 2019 Programmatic Planning Team of the Year award (P.2)
  • Paul Osman – A true floodplain manager’s champion (P.3)
  • Levee rehabilitation project a partnering success (P.4)
  • Flood risks during periods of drought (P.7)
  • HEC-HMS updates and recent tools for rapid model development (P.9)
  • FEMA Region 8 partners with local TEDx organization to raise risk awareness (P.11)
  • Life risk modeling for Lower San Joaquin River in California’s Central Valley supports emergency response planning (P.12)
  • Community Rating System virtual symposium fosters floodplain management best practices and partnerships (P.14)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets table (P.15)
  • Bulletin Board (P.16)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)

Vol 2 No 1: April 2021

  • Learning from 2020 (P.1)
  • Many Partners Form New Teams in United States Territories (P.2)
  • From Army Corps to Peace Corps and Back (P.4)
  • 2020 Oregon Wildfires and the Role of Silver Jackets (P.7)
  • Oregon Wildfires: A Retrospective on Inundation Boundaries (P.9)
  • USACE Silver Jackets at the Be Ready Utah Webinar (P.11)
  • USGS Unveils Mobile Flood Tool for the Nation (P.12)
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Inundation Map and Emergency Action Plan Policy Update (P.13)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.14)
  • Bulletin Board (P.16)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)

Vol 1 No 4: December 2020

  • The Importance of Partnering (P.1)
  • New FRM Team Comes Together in Rapid Response to Flooding Crisis (P.3)
  • Port Monmouth, NJ, Partners With USACE New York District for Coastal Storm Defense (P.5)
  • The ABCs of Flood Risk Management for a Rural Community (P.8)
  • Virtual Teams are “Up in the Air” (P.10)
  • RISE Program Sparks Youth Innovation to Improve Community Resilience (P.11)
  • California Silver Jackets Improve Interagency Coordination Through Virtual Collaboration (P.12)
  • Opportunity in Crisis: Nevada Silver Jackets Workshop Goes Virtual and Expands its Reach (P.13)
  • A leader in Collaboration: Melissa Weymiller Presented 2020 COL Morrison Collaborative Leadership Award (P.14)
  • Interagency Work, Community Efforts Mitigate Wicked Flood Risk in Rossville, Kansas (P.16)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.18)
  • Bulletin Board (P.19)
  • Upcoming Events (P.20)

Vol 1 No 3: September 2020

  • Leadership Changes and Thoughts on Unprecedented Opportunities (P.1)
  • Airborne Lidar Technology Enables Cutting-Edge Knowledge of Changing Coastal Conditions (P.3)
  • FHWA Releases Guide on Nature-Based Solutions for Transportation Infrastructure Resilience (P.5)
  • Lower Meramec Communities Receive Multi- Jurisdictional Floodplain Management Plan (P.7)
  • Graduate-Level Risk Management Course Offers Insights and Surprises (P.9)
  • Utah Silver Jackets, Usace Working With Zion National Park to Inform, Protect Slot Canyon Visitors (P.11)
  • Watershed University: The Little Summit that Could (P.13)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.15)
  • Flood Module Released for Neighborhood Emergency Response Planning Course (P.16)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)

Vol 1 No 2: May 2020

  • 2020 Interagency Flood Risk Management Seminars a Success for FRM and Silver Jackets Members (P.1)
  • USACE Evaluates the Effectiveness of Coastal Storm Surge Barriers to Mitigate Back Bay Flooding in New Jersey (P.3)
  • FEMA Helps Fund Dam Removal as Part of Innovative Public-Private Partnership (P.6)
  • 2018 and 2019 Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets Award Recipients (P.7)
  • News on Tap: New York City Drinking Water (P.10)
  • Maine Silver Jackets Mark Progress Toward Coastal Resilience (P.12)
  • Using Innovative Tools to Assess Debris Flow Hazards in Ouray County, Colorado (P.14)
  • Training Workshop Helps Districts Plan for Communicating Dam Risk Information to Key Audiences (P.16)
  • National Shoreline Management Study: Shoreline Management on the Great Lakes (P.18)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.20)
  • Upcoming Events (P.21)

Vol 1 No 1: February 2020

  • The Relationship Between Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets (P.1)
  • Working Together to Reduce Flood Risk: Tribal Partnerships and Collaborations (P.3)
  • Silver Jackets Tribal Workshops Foster Communication Between Tribal, State, and Federal Agencies (P.5)
  • Collaborating to Educate Utah Residents About Flood Risks (P.7)
  • After the Fire: New Website Provides Info, Tips and Resources (P.8)
  • Creating Excitement for Nonstructural Solutions (P.10)
  • Flood and Coastal Systems R&D: Recent Study by IWR and District Researchers Links Lower Missouri River Erosion to Mining and Floods (P.11)
  • Flood and Coastal Systems R&D: New features in HEC-WAT Allow Planners to Accomplish More, Sooner With Cloud Computing (P.12)
  • Guidebook Developed to Help New Hampshire Communities Improve Local Flood Resilience (P.13)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.14)
  • Bulletin Board (P.15)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)