Flood Risk Management Program


2013 Flood Risk Management - Silver Jackets Webinar Week

Efficient - Effective - Connected
August 20 - 22, 2013

Our nation is confronted with numerous challenges in managing flood risks to public safety and economic enterprise. While the USACE has a key role in managing flood risks, no single federal or non-federal entity is solely responsible. Rather, multiple federal, state, local and tribal agencies, as well as private citizens play a role in flood risk management.

This year, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets Programs will conduct a series of webinars to share information and experiences among those actively managing flood risk. These webinars will focus on integrating and leveraging efforts to reduce flood risk. Sessions will provide opportunities to share successes and challenges; learn about flood risk management programs and activities in other states and federal agencies; and further develop the knowledge and skills key to managing flood risks effectively.

Flood risk management is the shared responsibility of many governmental, tribal, and private agencies. Communication and collaboration between these various agencies is an important step in effectively managing flood risks. USACE is hosting a series of webinars for flood risk management professionals to share their knowledge and experiences.

Presentations are now available.

Webinar Week Objectives:
  1. Assess inter-agency challenges and opportunities, and demonstrate results and benefits of collaborative approaches across all levels of government to improve effectiveness and efficiency in managing flood and other natural hazard risks and improving community resiliency.
  2. Unify, refine, and improve approaches to communicating the nature and degree of flood risk in the context of shared and individual responsibility, with the purpose of effecting action at the individual, community, watershed, state and federal levels.
  3. Refine approaches to providing federal government services in a more coordinated, effective manner, with a focus on local and state priorities and including strategies to deal with funding challenges.
  4. Maintain information exchange, relationships, and momentum while planning the 2014 in-person Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets Workshop.
  5. Develop supporting actions for achieving the interagency coordination objectives outline in the revised USACE Campaign Plan Goal 3c.
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