Flood Risk Management Program


2015 Interagency Flood Risk Management Workshop

Workshop Objectives
  • Discuss and identify the role of flood risk management role in ongoing national policy initiatives.
  • Explore resilience as an organizing framework to develop and implement whole community strategies with a focus on flood risk management. 
  • Solicit feedback on future direction and guidance to further develop the USACE Flood Risk Management program.
Post Workshop Outcomes
  • Improved project delivery resulting in measurable flood risk management and resilience.
  • Incorporation of flood risk management concepts in future national policy initiatives.
  • Improved integration of USACE Flood Risk Management related activities.
  • Improved ability of participants to work with new and existing partners to identify, design and implement projects that flood risk reduction and risk management outcomes.
Theme of the Workshop

Explore resilience as an organizing framework.  What do the broader developing principles and specific initiatives associated with resilience offer for improving flood risk management generally and interagency flood risk management projects specifically? What achievements can flood risk management offer that support and further resilience? 

During the workshop, each participating state was able to develop interagency project ideas through a series of three exercises, with each exercise building on the previous one.  Each small group included a state representative, a USACE flood risk manager or Silver Jackets Coordinator, and other available experts, including those from other agencies.  Small group exercises integrated opportunities drawn from a resilience framework into their project ideas; each group  also received feedback from other selected small groups on their work.  By the end of the linked exercises, each state’s original idea was more fully developed and documented, useful for future funding opportunities and strengthened partnership approaches.


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