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 September 2022
  • Changing Leadership: A Welcome and a Farewell (P.1)
  • FEMA's Hazus Loss Library Provides Ready Access to Natural Hazard Risk Information (P.3)
  • New Guide for Risk Reduction on Alluvial Fans Provides Comprehensive Management Options to Utah Communities (P.4)
  • USACE Levee Safety Program Looks Ahead (P.5)
  • National Levee Safety Program – Thoughts from Phase One (P.6)
  • Successful Flood Project Benefits Small Village and New York City Miles Away (P.7)
  • Healthy Kansas Watersheds – The Benefits of Regenerative Agricultural Practices for Reducing Flood Risks (P.10)
  • Nevada Silver Jackets Develop a Flood After Fire Guide (P.12)
  • The Big Reveal! A New Silver Jackets Logo (P.14)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.15)
  • Bulletin Board (P.17)
  • Upcoming Events (P.19)
 February 2022
  • Building Strong Connections (P.1)
  • Welcome to the new Hawaii Silver Jackets Team (P.4)
  • Inundation mapping and structural damage assessment in Illinois (P.6)
  • FEMA Region 8 completes first artworks pilot project: 'Community Forms' (P.8)
  • San Diego tabletop exercise (P.9)
  • Sacramento District employees receive Programmatic Planning Team of the Year awards (P.11)
  • FEMA launches full application of National Risk Index (P.13)
  • Launch of the National Levee Safety Program (P.14)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets table (P.16)
  • Bulletin Board (P.17)
  • Upcoming Events (P.19)
 August 2021

Vol 2 No 2: August 2021

  • A partnership success story (P.1)
  • Sacramento District Silver Jackets Interagency Tribal Workshop team recipient of South Pacific Division 2019 Programmatic Planning Team of the Year award (P.2)
  • Paul Osman – A true floodplain manager’s champion (P.3)
  • Levee rehabilitation project a partnering success (P.4)
  • Flood risks during periods of drought (P.7)
  • HEC-HMS updates and recent tools for rapid model development (P.9)
  • FEMA Region 8 partners with local TEDx organization to raise risk awareness (P.11)
  • Life risk modeling for Lower San Joaquin River in California’s Central Valley supports emergency response planning (P.12)
  • Community Rating System virtual symposium fosters floodplain management best practices and partnerships (P.14)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets table (P.15)
  • Bulletin Board (P.16)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)
 April 2021

Vol 2 No 1: April 2021

  • Learning from 2020 (P.1)
  • Many Partners Form New Teams in United States Territories (P.2)
  • From Army Corps to Peace Corps and Back (P.4)
  • 2020 Oregon Wildfires and the Role of Silver Jackets (P.7)
  • Oregon Wildfires: A Retrospective on Inundation Boundaries (P.9)
  • USACE Silver Jackets at the Be Ready Utah Webinar (P.11)
  • USGS Unveils Mobile Flood Tool for the Nation (P.12)
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Inundation Map and Emergency Action Plan Policy Update (P.13)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.14)
  • Bulletin Board (P.16)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)
 December 2020

Vol 1 No 4: December 2020

  • The Importance of Partnering (P.1)
  • New FRM Team Comes Together in Rapid Response to Flooding Crisis (P.3)
  • Port Monmouth, NJ, Partners With USACE New York District for Coastal Storm Defense (P.5)
  • The ABCs of Flood Risk Management for a Rural Community (P.8)
  • Virtual Teams are “Up in the Air” (P.10)
  • RISE Program Sparks Youth Innovation to Improve Community Resilience (P.11)
  • California Silver Jackets Improve Interagency Coordination Through Virtual Collaboration (P.12)
  • Opportunity in Crisis: Nevada Silver Jackets Workshop Goes Virtual and Expands its Reach (P.13)
  • A leader in Collaboration: Melissa Weymiller Presented 2020 COL Morrison Collaborative Leadership Award (P.14)
  • Interagency Work, Community Efforts Mitigate Wicked Flood Risk in Rossville, Kansas (P.16)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.18)
  • Bulletin Board (P.19)
  • Upcoming Events (P.20)
 September 2020

Vol 1 No 3: September 2020

  • Leadership Changes and Thoughts on Unprecedented Opportunities (P.1)
  • Airborne Lidar Technology Enables Cutting-Edge Knowledge of Changing Coastal Conditions (P.3)
  • FHWA Releases Guide on Nature-Based Solutions for Transportation Infrastructure Resilience (P.5)
  • Lower Meramec Communities Receive Multi- Jurisdictional Floodplain Management Plan (P.7)
  • Graduate-Level Risk Management Course Offers Insights and Surprises (P.9)
  • Utah Silver Jackets, Usace Working With Zion National Park to Inform, Protect Slot Canyon Visitors (P.11)
  • Watershed University: The Little Summit that Could (P.13)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.15)
  • Flood Module Released for Neighborhood Emergency Response Planning Course (P.16)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)
 May 2020

Vol 1 No 2: May 2020

  • 2020 Interagency Flood Risk Management Seminars a Success for FRM and Silver Jackets Members (P.1)
  • USACE Evaluates the Effectiveness of Coastal Storm Surge Barriers to Mitigate Back Bay Flooding in New Jersey (P.3)
  • FEMA Helps Fund Dam Removal as Part of Innovative Public-Private Partnership (P.6)
  • 2018 and 2019 Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets Award Recipients (P.7)
  • News on Tap: New York City Drinking Water (P.10)
  • Maine Silver Jackets Mark Progress Toward Coastal Resilience (P.12)
  • Using Innovative Tools to Assess Debris Flow Hazards in Ouray County, Colorado (P.14)
  • Training Workshop Helps Districts Plan for Communicating Dam Risk Information to Key Audiences (P.16)
  • National Shoreline Management Study: Shoreline Management on the Great Lakes (P.18)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.20)
  • Upcoming Events (P.21)
 February 2020

Vol 1 No 1: February 2020

  • The Relationship Between Flood Risk Management and Silver Jackets (P.1)
  • Working Together to Reduce Flood Risk: Tribal Partnerships and Collaborations (P.3)
  • Silver Jackets Tribal Workshops Foster Communication Between Tribal, State, and Federal Agencies (P.5)
  • Collaborating to Educate Utah Residents About Flood Risks (P.7)
  • After the Fire: New Website Provides Info, Tips and Resources (P.8)
  • Creating Excitement for Nonstructural Solutions (P.10)
  • Flood and Coastal Systems R&D: Recent Study by IWR and District Researchers Links Lower Missouri River Erosion to Mining and Floods (P.11)
  • Flood and Coastal Systems R&D: New features in HEC-WAT Allow Planners to Accomplish More, Sooner With Cloud Computing (P.12)
  • Guidebook Developed to Help New Hampshire Communities Improve Local Flood Resilience (P.13)
  • Round the National Silver Jackets Table (P.14)
  • Bulletin Board (P.15)
  • Upcoming Events (P.17)

The Buzz Newsletter

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Flood Risk Management Newsletter

Links to the Flood Risk Management Newsletter, which was published from October 2007 to October 2019, can be found archived on the Flood Risk Management Newsletter page.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supports state-led Silver Jackets Teams through its Flood Risk Management Program.