Silver Jackets: Many Partners, One team


Many Partners, One Team



The Kansas Healthy Watersheds Webinar

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Kansas Healthy Watersheds



Learn about the tie between conservation efforts done as part of soil management systems, watershed restoration efforts, and watershed-wide land use incentives. The webinar includes panelists from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers -  Kansas City District, and Natural Resources Conservation Service.

New Webinar Focuses on Federal Partner Funding Programs

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Federal Partner Funding in Support of
Natural Hazards Resiliency


Learn about funding programs from various partner agencies. Highlighted programs include funding for rebuilding, recovery, and community resilience. The webinar includes panelists from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Economic Development Administration, and USDA Rural Development.



Hawai’i Joins the Silver Jackets and California Team Excels at Interagency Work!

FRM Buzz Newsletter February 2022

FRM Buzz Newsletter February 2022

The February 2022 FRM Buzz Newsletter is available with the latest Silver Jackets updates! Read about Hawai’i becoming the 50th state to establish a team in August 2021. Learn about the San Diego tabletop exercise where the California Silver Jackets worked with other agencies in several simulated dam related emergency situations to test current emergency action plans and increase preparedness. Discover how the California Silver Jackets worked with other agencies to create the California Flood After Fire Toolkit, a time dependent resource that guides scientists and engineers to limit flooding and additional damage after wildfires.

The Big Reveal! A New Silver Jackets Logo

New Silver Jackets Logo

New Silver Jackets Logo

The National Flood Risk Management Program, of which Silver Jackets is a component, promotes integrated flood risk management solutions that focus on life-cycle risk reduction and shared responsibility. The USACE Headquarters Office of Homeland Security is the program champion, with the Institute for Water Resources managing national execution of the program.

The National Flood Risk Management Program recently unveiled a new Silver Jackets logo! IWR sits down with Ellen Berggren, USACE National Silver Jackets Program Manager, to ask her a few questions about the program and the messages behind the new logo.

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Team Recognized as 2021 Silver Jackets Team of the Year

Nebraska Silver Jacket Team on the field.

Nebraska Silver Jackets Team of the Year, 2021

The Nebraska Silver Jackets Team was selected as the 2021 Silver Jackets Team of the Year by its peers. The Team received this recognition due to is its collaborative approach during 2019 Missouri River basin flooding, the largest federally declared disaster in the state’s history.

The Silver Jackets team assisted with response and recovery, engaging at the Joint Field Office and collecting highwater mark data. To collect data over a significant geographic area, the Team coordinated with local communities to enter data using an online portal, with the U.S. Geological Survey then surveying the data points. The Team successfully coordinated and transitioned into recovery, hosting three virtual post-flood workshops for communities about post-flood activities, grant opportunities, and agency resources to support recovery. Additionally, the Team collaborated to produce products to document the changed post-flood hydrologic and hydraulic environment, incorporating recent 2019 flood data to update numerous models and analyses. The team also participated on the Governor’s Task Force, evaluating local community applications for recovery funding, prioritizing projects, and also identifying other relevant funding sources, which maximized resources available to assist local communities.

The team’s successful accomplishments are attributed to active participation by many dedicated team members and agencies, demonstrating shared responsibility in action. 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supports state-led Silver Jackets Teams through its Flood Risk Management Program.