Silver Jackets: Many Partners, One team


Many Partners, One Team


Climate Resilience in Flood Risk Management Webinar Series

The webinar series occurred from July through October 2018. For best viewing experience, play the audio and video simultaneously and mute the sound on the video file.

PART I: Project Introduction and Background

Travis Ball, USACE Seattle District and WA Silver Jackets Coordinator

Video (wmv, 89.0 MB)
Audio (mp3, 10.4 MB) and Transcription (pdf, 96.0 KB)

PART II: Climate Change Impacts Assessment for Water Resources and Infrastructure of the Pacific Northwest

Chris Frans, USACE Seattle District

Video (wmv, 76.0 MB)
Audio (mp3, 10.4 MB) and Transcription (pdf, 204 KB)

PART III: Projected Sea Level Rise in Washington State - A 2018 Assessment and Application of USACE Sea Level Change Calculator in South Park Flood Risk Assessment

Ian Miller, Washington Sea Grant

Travis Ball, USACE Seattle District and WA Silver Jackets Coordinator

Video (wmv, 111 MB)
Audio (mp3, 12.5 MB) and Transcription (pdf, 237 KB)

PART IV: NOAA Digital Coast - More Than Just Data (National Silver Jackets hosted webinar)

Kristin Ransom, NOAA Office of Coastal Management

Look for the SJ Webinar on the National Silver Jackets page

PART V: Incorporating Climate Change Projections In Culvert Design

George Wilhere, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Guillaume Mauger, UW Climate Impacts Group

Audio (mp3, 11 MB) and Transcription (89 KB): Audio starts at the 1:30 with introductory comments, followed by George (6:25) and Guillaume (27:45).

There were technical difficulties with this video recording. As an alternative, a pdf of George's presentation (pdf, 3.5 MB) and Guillaume's presentation (pdf, 7.1 MB) are available.

Links to the Ecological Engineering paper George refers to in Slide 5 and the Climate Robust Culvert Design webpage and links to the culvert design tool Guillaume refers to in Slide 9.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supports state-led Silver Jackets Teams through its Flood Risk Management Program.